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Client Case Examples 

Illinois airline liquor license attorneys

Liquor Law Attorneys Serving Clients Throughout Illinois

  • Helped small craft brewers through the federal and state licenses processes.
  • Represented numerous large Hotel Groups with acquiring or updating officer and owner changes to avoid violations.
  • Represented numerous international Airlines with licensing requirements in Illinois.
  • Successfully represented retailers charged with being too close to schools and churches and similar proximity restrictions.
  • Successfully defended clients whose employees were charged with criminal activity while on the licensed premises such as drugs and gambling.
  • Reviewed Buy/Sell agreements for compliance with liquor licensing requirements.
  • Advised clients on how to deal with criminal history issues when applying for liquor licenses or when changing ownership.
  • Review local and state laws at the outset of purchasing or opening a business to avoid unnecessary time and expense.
  • Helped clients with neighbor objections to an applicant and working to identify and resolve those issues.
  • Successfully defended licenses threatened by Sale of Alcohol to Minor charges for numerous retailers of various sizes.
  • Worked with municipalities to create new license classes for unique liquor operations that did not fit into existing options.
  • Assisted various manufacturers with updating/obtaining Federal Permits due to change in Officers/Owners or new operations.
  • Handled Appeals to the State Liquor Commission from Local Liquor Commissioner discipline.
  • Handled Appeals from the State Liquor Commission decisions to various Circuit Courts and Appellate Courts.
  • Assisted various licensees in providing public comment to proposed ILCC rule changes that would effect their operations.
  • Appeared in front of various City/Town Councils and Village Boards on behalf of retail license applicants to successfully obtain new licenses.
  • Coordinated with local licensing authorities to assist with a smooth and expedited licensing process for new retail licenses.
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